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For the woman in you who speaks her mind & stands her ground.

SheDidThat is an online media platform powered by a network of passionate, multi-cultural womxn who care about all humans (including themselves, because … self-love), the planet, having a voice, local and global scale issues and events, and occasionally, what they’re wearing to dinner. SheDidThat is in the business of empowering womxn, celebrating our successes and encouraging one another to push boundaries in the workplace, marketplace and everyplace.




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Cebu-born and California-raised, Arnelle is a proud Filipina who appreciates the endless opportunities that her parents’ bold and brave choice to uproot their family and move to America has afforded her. Despite always being told to “focus on one thing”, her never-ending curiosity saw her trying countless professions and endeavors, until she found her calling as a self-employed photographer and entrepreneur. She is passionate about humanitarian and conservation work, and that passion aligned with her love for photography has enabled her to lend her skills to meaningful causes. Her mantra — “Let the beauty we love, be what we do”, by Rumi. Her internal guideposts — lead with compassion and love; never operate in fear.



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Minh is a resident human of planet earth. Saigon-born, California-raised, she straddles countries and cultures. Minh initially went to college to be a lawyer, but quickly realized she preferred Lightroom to courtrooms and wound up a photographer. Now she works as a content creator -- focusing on branding, content creation + marketing, and art direction. The 5 people she would invite to her dinner party are: Salvador Dali, Bianca Jagger, Yves Saint Laurent, Nan Goldin, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 




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Erika is a seeker of the unfamiliar and extraordinary, a life-long learner, and a lover of warm beverages and books. She has a masters in International Politics and Human Rights, and having traveled to over 26 countries, she believes that using travel to create a global network of good, is vital in our world. Throughout her personal, professional, academic and travel experiences, she worked towards understanding human rights and effective altruism — a significant amount of her time abroad spent volunteering for respectable NGO’s.



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Alyson is a poet, writer and Bay Area native who likes communing with nature, making things with her hands, and connecting with like-minded, radical people. She is a strong advocate for conscious travel, and believes exploring other countries and cultures is our most effective way to catalyze personal transformation. She's in the practice of trying to live as sustainably as possible, and her number one passion is supporting women around the world to be free to reach their fullest potential. She currently splits her time between Nepal and California helping support a sustainable development NGO by the name of Conscious Impact.



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Karen Sugar is the Founder of Women’s Global Empowerment Fund (WGEF) and a social justice entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience providing leadership, initiative and vision to local and international empowerment programs, with a special focus on economic and leadership development, advocacy, reproductive health, conflict, food security and poverty issues relating to women and families. She has partnered with Urban Decay, Amaio Swim, Zadig and Voltaire and their initiatives to empower women throughout the world. She argues that if the goal is true empowerment, we must go further and suggest that all human beings experience equal and full access, and not just one gender over another.





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Bridget is a Los Angeles based artist who is better known under the moniker, Handsome Girl. She mainly focuses on digital illustrations revolving around intersectional feminism, body positivity and female empowerment. Her design path started as a therapeutic outlet for her own eating disorder, in which she secretly struggled on and off with for over 15 years. Moore started drawing as a way to celebrate the beauty of her own body and other womxn’s bodies. Celebrating all the different shapes, shades and experiences beauty can come in. She later moved on to adding in playful takes on sexual health, snacks, and positive affirmations. All things that have been fundamental elements in her personal recovery and her ongoing journey to practice radical self-love and appreciation for all the diverse beauty in this world.