6 Hair Hacks You Didn't Know You Needed (A Guest Article by Carly Campbell)

6 Hair Hacks

You Didn’t Know

You Needed

You might have seen Carly’s work on the cover of Rolling Stone. She’s styled Kesha’s hair. She’s groomed Patrick Dempsey. She’s counted clients like Nissan, Louis Vuitton, Disney, Panasonic, and L’Oreal in her portfolio. Today, Carly shares her 6 favorite hair tips:

First, let me just state the obvious: not every beauty tip and trick we read applies to everyone, and you know what? That's okay. Maybe you don't want to create the perfect cat eye by adhering scotch tape to the side of your eye everyday, I know I don't. 

That being said, there is enough space on the internet to include everyone so that's exactly what we're doing here: my favorite hair tips are INCLUSIVE, so there's something in here for everyone! 

1 - If you don't wash your hair everyday, the SHHHOWERCAP is for you.

Let me be clear about my take on shower caps previously: none had ever, even slightly, impressed me so I used a towel to keep my hair as dry as possible. And by dry I mean, kind of damp and and frizzy by the end of each shower.  I felt targeted by ads on the internet, so I finally opted in to the $43 purchase and WOW. My hair stays completely dry, and since the cap is made with breathable fabric there isn't a build up of humidity inside that would destroy volume, ruin blowouts and cause frizz. It's washable, cute (by shower cap standards), and will prolong the longevity of your hairstyle. Worth it. 

2 - Do you wake up with insane bed head or is your hairstyle completely ruined after a few sleeps? My friend, you need to try a silk pillowcase.

While regular cotton can pull and tangle your hair, silk will allow your hair to glide across the fabric causing less tension on your style which also helps to prevent breakage. This also goes for your skin! Less friction means less tugging and pulling on delicate skin. I like how Slip makes them in multiple colors to match your bedding situation. 

3 - Have you ever felt like you can't get your hair 100% clean? Try this.

Maybe your hairline feels a little oily in a bad way, or you have thick hair and there's a spot in the back that always feels greasy, even when it's freshly washed? Sometimes we just get a little build up - whether it's hair or makeup products, waterproof SPF, or oils from our scalp. Try this trick: mix a little baking soda with a dollop of shampoo and massage into the areas that feel greasy.  No need to wash your entire head with this situation if it isn't needed. This concoction isn't color safe, and it's abrasive so it's best to use close to the scalp! Think of the baking soda as a scrub brush that helps to break down the oils.  This is a once every few months kind of deal, and for some maybe once a year. 

4 - Curly haired women will tell you: non-lathering shampoo is the jam, and GIRL it is, BUT did you know that non-lathering shampoo is also amazing for wavy, damaged, overly processed, highlighted and dry hair too? 

It's a secret sauce that somehow cleanses hair but also feels like conditioner running through strands. Curly hair is delicate and typically craves moisture so this shampoo hits on all the right notes, without lathering strands into an oblivion - this is why it works great for all of the aforementioned hair types too. The trick to loving non-lather shampoo is in the double wash. Use a larger than normal amount for your first shampoo and massage in, hit with a little water, and massage some more, then rinse. For the second wash use a normal amount shampoo, massage in and rinse. I really enjoy the Deva Curl No-Poo for curly and non curly hair alike! (Sidenote: You still use a conditioner with this non-lather shampoo!)

Photo of Carly Campbell by Minh Bui

Photo of Carly Campbell by Minh Bui

5 - Raise your hand if you have ever used a hair-tie. Not that there's anything wrong with them, but now we have OPTIONS.

I'm going to start with my favorite find in a long time: L. Erickson Ponytail Holders. They are thick, shimmery rayon elastics that are gentle on the hair and SO comfortable. I find myself only wanting to use these on the day-to-day.  Another epic find are silk hair ties - for the same reasons silk pillowcases are great, so are the hair ties. I use these at night to keep my hair away from my face and prevent creasing and breakage. Lastly, we have all seen the coiled pony tail holder that claims to hold hair firmly and reduce creasing - which it does, but I also think it helps to create a voluminous pony tail! 

6 - As a hairstylist, coming from a place of love, can I please ask of you not to rip through your hair as you brush it?

The trick to combing your hair out gently is to start at the ends and work your way up to the scalp. It's hard I know - it requires patience and a little more time but I promise your hair will thank you!  I started using Wet Brushes and combs when they first came on to the scene and I swear my hair, and my clients hair is thicker because of it. If you're feeling boujee, check out the famous Mason Pearson Brush

I hope you found something here that changes your game, and if you did I would love to hear about it! More importantly, I would love to know YOUR best tips! Share them in the comment section for everyone to swoop! 

Photo of Carly Campbell by Minh Bui

Photo of Carly Campbell by Minh Bui

Carly is a hairstylist, makeup artist, and photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. For more of Carly’s work, check out her website or hang out with her on the ‘gram: @campbellcarly.