Esther Hwang: She Just Wants You To Feal Good




Esther Hwang’s always been about the underdog. She’s got a track record working with disruptors in a new digital world. Her recent transition to the cannabis industry is no different. She’s just joined Feals — a company that harnesses the healing powers of CBD — which is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, a naturally occurring compound that’s found in cannabis. It’s been tried and tested by science and confirmed to be a safe, non-addictive, and natural approach to reducing anxiety, pain, and insomnia. Sounds like some sort of panacea. It basically is. Now that cannabis has begun to shed its social stigma, the public has begun embracing it for its therapeutic properties and women are ready to jump into the legal cannabis game. We chatted with Esther about the potential she sees in her industry, in CBD’s role in self-care, and in the legalization of cannabis.

Q - You've recently joined the cannabis/CBD game at Feals. This is a new frontier. Why the switch?

A - I'm a huge believer in health and wellness. I love to work for a mission. I made this recent switch because I recognized that this opportunity aligned with both my interests in the space and the mission of helping people feel better. The fact that it's the wild west as an emerging market is also really exciting, and I want to learn a lot. 

Q - What were you doing before? 

A - I was working at Fender on their Marketing team with a focus on their guitar lessons app to get more people to learn guitar. I'll be continuing to work in growth marketing - just in an exciting new vertical.

Q - When people think cannabis - they tend to think male. Does being a woman led to any particular challenges? 

A - As for any particular challenges, nothing I foresee yet. There are a lot of seemingly male-skewing brands in this space, but my team and I are looking to build a brand that is relatable and approachable by all with Feals.

As for the general workspace,

women can very much face challenges

in a male-dominated industry,

but with the right positive culture

we can avoid that and treat everyone as equals.

My goal is to help build that.


Q - What are the most frequent questions you get asked when you tell people where you work? Are there misconceptions to working in this industry? 

A - There have been a few misconceptions. People might immediately think that I'm in the "marijuana" or "weed" business, but I'm in the space for health and wellness for a natural alternative. Most of the questions are probably around asking what CBD is. I was jokingly asked if I'm going to attend Burning Man now that I'm in the cannabis space. So some people see it as part of that hippie persona. And truth is, I have already been to the burn, haha.

Q - Let's talk about CBD then. It's hit an all-time high. Everywhere you turn, people are talking about it or releasing products with it. What's the scoop here?

A - Cannabis and its legalization have been hot topics especially in the last few decades and even centuries in the U.S. There has been a stigma with cannabis that will slowly start to peel back as people and industries start understanding the natural health benefits of hemp-derived CBD. I think it's buzzy because everyone wants to learn more about this freshly legalized product. I don't want it to sound like a plug, but Feals has a great educational article where you can read more about the quick science behind CBD - and it explains much better than I can.


Q - And you recently joined Feals - which sells CBD oil. What would you suggest as a first step for a someone who is curious, but has never tried products like this before? 

A - CBD affects everyone differently and people have different needs whether it's to help with anxiety, sleep, or pain. We offer three different strengths with our tinctures in 600 mg, 1200 mg, and 2400 mg. For someone who has never tried tinctures before, I would recommend our Flight, which has three different sample vials of each so you can try the different strengths and feel what works best for you.

Start with the lowest dose

and work your way up and see how you like the results.


Q - How do you imagine CBD + cannabis in the context of self-care? 

A - People are learning more about the importance and value of self-care in this day and age of hustle. CBD can definitely become a vital part of one's self-care routine. If you're looking to reduce anxiety, sleep better, or help ease pain - it's a great, natural alternative.

It chills you out,

and you can focus your energy
towards what you actually want.

Q - Do you personally incorporate it into your own life? 

A - I use it a few times a week. My sister first introduced me to tinctures last year, and that was when I started to learn about CBD in general. I like to take it a little bit before I go to bed and end up sleeping like a baby - I love it.

Don't be afraid to try it out!