Goby Toothbrush: Is the Hype Real?


It’s taken me far too long to find an electronic toothbrush l actually love, for 2 reasons: 1. Most of them are really unattractive, and 2. I’m just late at adulting. Now that I’ve been using my Goby for a few months, I can honestly say I feel a huge difference! It’s a new level of clean in my mouth that I never even realized I was missing with a regular toothbrush. I’m officially converted and can never go back to that non-electric toothbrushing life. Nope, we’ve moved on honey.

Some of the things I love about Goby are it’s super affordable, it’s one of the prettiest electronic toothbrushes I’ve ever seen, it’s lightweight and travel friendly, the charge lasts really long, and they offer a subscription service which means even better price points and no need to remember to order new brush heads! Watch the video for my full review, and I hope you enjoy!