Per Erik Borja: The Awakenist


Based out of New York, Per Erik Borja brings love and light into so many lives with his gifts of intuition and healing. He is a psychic medium – the Awakenist. In our interview with him, he gives his perspective on how to deal with tough situations, how we’re moving in the direction of self-love, and themes to reflect on for each sign.


Q - How did you get started as a psychic medium?

 A - I was always drawn to the metaphysical, the spiritual, the occult, the mysterious. I began using tarot regularly in my early 20s, I would give readings to friends for fun, and was always surprised with the insight and information that came through. Often they would come back for readings, and even offered to pay me for them. Using the tarot helped me develop my intuitive skills, the mediumship did not follow until much later. 

I had a friend whose mother had passed from cancer, and for some reason I just had this feeling she was trying to connect with me, I think because I was energetically open to the spirit world. She sent me signs, such as a person who looked so much like her I randomly met at the gym, who also happened to share her same name. One night when on the phone with my friend, she whispered a message into my ear about her cat, something I could not have known, my friend validated the information. I then continued to develop my mediumship abilities, taking classes and practicing with friends. 


Q - What did you do before becoming a psychic medium?

 A - Men's apparel design.


Q - Now that you’ve become a psychic medium, has it affected any relationships with any of your family or friends? If so, how do/did you handle that? 

A - Most of my friends and family have been wildly supportive. They have helped me get more clients, and have encouraged me to develop my abilities and to continue down this spiritual path. A few have not acknowledged what I do, and that's okay, I'm not here to try and convince anyone, so I am selective with whom I speak to about this work. A few have even ridiculed me, so I don't put any more energy into those relationships, because they honestly don't matter as much anymore. I definitely know now who loves me unconditionally, and who wants me to be my authentic self, and that is so wonderful.


Q - What advice would you give someone that is struggling between doing what’s best for them while also trying to also please others? 

A- I would ask you to ask yourself why you feel the need to please others. If you feel that you need validation from these people, that they will only love you or care for you if you do what they expect of you, then their love is conditional. It is then up to you to decide if their satisfaction is more important than your self fulfillment. There is no wrong or right, I try not to be so cut and dry with anything in life, there are only decisions, reflections, and explorations. Do you want to continue to explore what it feels like to not be your authentic self so you can make others happy? If so, that is your right to experience that. Or do you want to explore what it feels like to put yourself first, and live from your truth? This is also your right.


Q - What would you tell someone that is unsure of their path or direction?

A - I would tell them to take it back to basics. What excites you? What made you happy as a child, as a teen, as an adult? I would just want them to start asking these questions, and to invite them to dive deep to see what sets their hearts on fire. I think it really is as simple as that, what makes you passionate? What do you do outside of work, what do you use your free time for? Hold this intention, write it, think it, send it out to the universe, tell your invisible spirit team you are ready for guidance, and be open to the signs, dreams, hunches and synchronicities. The most important thing is to be curious, and to know that the dissatisfaction you feel in your current situation is a sign that you are ready to begin moving in the direction of your true soul's purpose.


Q - Are there any experiences or things you’ve learned in this process that you can share in order to instill a little about where we’re all going?

A - The common theme I've had with most of my readings is that people are now willing to put themselves first, which is a truly great thing. Often we are told not to be selfish, and to think of others before ourselves. I don't believe that we must choose either to care for ourself or care for others, we can do both, we just have to find the balance. We want to be of service of course, we want to contribute, but we cannot do that whole heartedly if we do not serve ourselves first. It's like the airline stewardess who says to put your emergency mask on first, then help the person next to you. We cannot give from an empty cup, we have to try and be the best versions of ourselves if we want to truly show up for the world. 

So, I believe that we are all going, all moving toward, a place of self-love, which means putting out well-being first. When we do that, we can come to a place where we feel more whole, and so the love we seek and the love we radiate becomes less conditional, because we don't need it as much from outside sources. From this energy of self-love, there will be less fear, and with less fear, there will be more peace, more harmony, more light.


Q - Can you please provide an overall 2019 reading for each of the horoscope signs?

A - I will pull 1 card for each sign, to offer a theme, something to ponder. These are not predictions, just opportunities for reflection and meditation in the energy of self-love.


III The Empress - Meditate on the idea of beauty and creation. Think of nature, the abundant beauty that nature provides, the trees, the animals, the ocean, the stars. It is in constant motion, constantly creating, destroying, creating. How can you tap into this energy? What can you create that spreads beauty? What can you do that will help you feel beautiful? What can you do that will help others feel beautiful?


9 of Water "Rainbow Mirror" - Meditate on the idea of self-reflection. When you look in the mirror, what do you see, what do you feel? This is an opportunity to be vulnerable with yourself. Be honest about the aspects of yourself you do not like, and understand that these are negative programs. You can rewrite them, you owe it to yourself love who you see in the mirror. Now, be honest about the aspects of yourself that you do like, do not be shy, celebrate them, and each day find more and more things to celebrate about yourself. 


1 of Earth "Form" - Meditate on the physical nature of reality. You are spirit having a physical experience. How are you taking care of your vessel? Are you doing what you can to ensure the optimum health of your body? This is not about losing weight or getting a six pack, this is about caring for yourself, your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being. They are all connected. The better you care for your body, the better you will feel, the higher your frequency will vibrate, and the more blessings you will attract to your reality.


1 of Wind "Dawn" - Meditate on the concept of inspiration. Those "Aha!" moments, those brilliant ideas, they are divinely led. When you are tuned in, you have access to infinite intelligence. Do not discount these fleeting moments of excitement and thought. They are gifts. Write them down, keep a journal. Inspiration is energy, it is alive, and if you're fortunate enough this energy will visit you from time to time, hoping you will take notice and allow it to take root in physical reality.


6 of Wind "Clarity" - Meditate on the gift of confusion. There can be no clarity if there is not confusion, or questioning first. Do not be frustrated when you don't know the answer, when you can't see beyond the fog. Instead, be open to what can happen, the insight you can gain, and the wisdom you will obtain because you first faced the unknown. Clarity comes when we understand why we needed to be in that anxious place of uncertainty, and how we are better for experiencing the darkness before the light.


3 of Earth "Works" - Meditate on the motivation behind your work. Why are you at your job? There is no right or wrong answer, it's simply an invitation to explore. Do you come to work every day because it makes ends meet, you don't know what else you would do, you spend all those years studying this subject and you feel you can't turn back? Do you come to work every day because you love what you do and you feel you are fulfilling a higher calling? No matter the answer, take note of how you feel about the questions.


Brother of Fire - Meditate on what excites you. Are you setting your own course? Are you living life the way you want? Are you following your heart? Or do you feel boredom, and apathy? There is such a thing as playing it too safe. In life we have to take risks, we have to keep moving, we have to shake things up. I believe that it is better to to do, and fail, and even regret than to do nothing at all. I believe that not trying is worse than death. Don't worry about making others uncomfortable, it's your life, not theirs. 


7 of Earth "The Garden" - Meditate on the idea of sanctuary. The garden speaks that place where we feel safe, that place where we can be ourselves, and recharge, and hide away from the world even for just a little bit. This can be a physical space, or a meditation practice, an exercise routine, or a group of people that you love, or a romantic partner. See the ways in which you find a safe haven in your every day. Cultivate these moments, these places, for they are sacred and will help you on your journey.


XIV Temperance - Meditate on the idea of balance. Think of the word excess, it sounds unnecessary, it sounds boastful, it sounds superficial. Now think of the word scarcity, it sounds depressing, and dark, and joyless. Practice walking the middle path. Do not over eat, do not eat too little, eat enough so that you feel satisfied and your energy will be sustained. Do not work too much, do not work too little, work enough so that your needs are met and you have a healthy work life balance. The middle path is a spiritual path, it is a spiritual exercise.


XIX The Sun - Meditate on the power of joy and laughter. The sun is the feeling of warmth, that ecstatic high of leaving school to begin summer vacation. How can we work to cultivate that same excitement, that innocence, that childlike wonder? Do we shy away from doing things we love, wearing things we love, or saying things because they may seem silly or immature, and we fear we may be judged? Just as we practice for a test, or work out to run a marathon, let us put effort into bringing more joy in our lives. Joy is a divine energy, and laughter is spiritually healing.


Mother of Fire - Meditate on the idea of quiet confidence. Often the loudest people in the room are the ones with the least to say. We do not always need to be front and center. We don't always have to raise our decibel level to get our point across, and we don't always have to be the bigger presence. Sometimes we can sit back, and radiate that energy of power, and sit comfortably in our conviction, and say things only when necessary. We can inspire others, and engage with others, by steadily shining our light - there is no need to force, or to coerce, we can just be.


3 of Wind "Recognition" - Meditate on the lessons you have learned, so you do not have to repeat them again. Recognize that which has brought you pain. Be specific. You cannot say, this relationship, this love has brought me pain. No, you must look at it from a different angle. Love did not cause you pain, love would never do that. Your expectations caused you pain, their lack of compromise caused you pain, your lack of understanding caused you pain, their misalignment to your energy caused you pain. Be honest, learn, grow, and evolve.   


Q - Who are the five people (dead or alive) that you would invite to a dinner party?

A - 1. Albert Einstein

2. David Bowie

3. Hilma Af Klint

4. Nostradamus

5. Teresa Caputo (I love the Long Island Medium)


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