Peter Kraus: The Most Eligible Bachelor


Hey ladies (and gents)! We are back with an earlier-than-planned round two of Boyfriend Material (because how could we not do one for our Valentine’s Day Week of Love) — in which we profile cool dudes who you would definitely let slide into your DMs (and other things), and who are using their craft and their influence to inspire others.

For our Week of Love, we interviewed former Bachelorette contestant (yes, you knew he looked familiar), owner of Peter Kraus Fitness, model, fitness advocate, and walking thirst trap — Peter Kraus.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Peter for a while now (about 5 years), long before his Bachelorette days. Back when he was another model just trying to make his way in the sea of other beautiful people in Los Angeles. Despite LA being home to some of the world’s most physically attractive and influential people — Peter being a cut above even the best looking of them — something always stood out to me about him. There was a homegrown vibe, a down-to-earth feel, and an ease of conversation that you simply don’t come across with many people.

I’m often vocal about my thoughts on the culture within “Hollywood”, where empty shells of human beings will do anything for their next big break, where the first thing people ask is what you do for a living versus how you are today. But Peter wasn’t a part of that culture. He was like me — a transplant, alien to that hollow way of life and aching for a bit of depth in a shallow town. Luckily, we were able to connect on that level, and thus began our friendship.

Peter was kind enough to play along and let us objectify him for this interview (just a little, because he’s obviously dreamy), but you’ll soon learn there’s so much more to him than meets the eye.


Q - First things first, are you single? Asking for a friend.

A - Haha, yes I am.


Q - Let’s start with a little backstory on you. How did you get into modeling, and then what made you make the transition into starting your own fitness company?

A - I started modeling back in 2016. I was out to lunch with a buddy and we walked past a modeling agency and he was like — I dare you to go in there. I went in there and they were like, come back with some photos and I came back with some photos a week later and things just got started from there. I was kind of a chubby and awkward kid growing up. I never really felt like I had a place until I started modeling. Then I really honed in on who I was. I started working out, cutting my hair differently, wearing different clothes. Everything started to change and I had to grow up quickly in the industry.

Eventually I started to develop an eating disorder through modeling because I’m looking at these guys that are fit and ripped and I thought the way to get there was not to eat. I was feeling sick and unhealthy and it hit a boiling point where I decided to make a change. I went to school and enrolled in a nutrition program where I not only fell in love with nutrition, but also fitness. Then a friend asked if I could cover a couple of sessions for him as a personal trainer and I fell in love with that too. When he got back, he offered me a full time job and that’s how I ended up in personal training.


Q - What motivates you to get up every day and work out? What compels you to share that love for body movement and exercise with your clients?

A - I’ve always believe that every day should be an attempt to improve in any way possible and fitness is a part of that. I want to be the healthiest and fittest version of myself. When I wake up I want to progress in business and in fitness. When I saw the change in myself and how much better I felt — even simply from 10 years ago, I wanted to do that for others. Since I’ve been at a place before where I didn’t feel great about myself, I truly enjoy taking others through that same transitional phase I went through by helping them develop good, healthy habits and a strong fitness routine.


Q - Do you believe physical health also leads to mental health?

A - 100 percent. Absolutely. If I get an injury and I have to take some time off, it can be easy to fall into depression because you’re not exerting that same level of energy, and then that snowballs into a deeper depression because you’re no longer feeling good about your mental and physical state. Whereas if you’re working out and you’re active, you feel confident because you’re strong and you’re also just releasing those endorphins that make you feel great.


Q - Do you believe there’s a difference between overall health and being extremely toned/fit?

A - Yes, big time. There’s this huge craze on social media right now that I hate and it’s people being as jacked as possible. Like 3% body fat and full muscles and honestly, you don’t know what these people’s health habits are like. You don’t know what their diets are, if they’re smoking packs of cigarettes a day, if they’re loading themselves up with fat burners or growth hormones. I believe health comes from eating a truly balanced diet and being emotionally and mentally sound; getting a good night’s sleep and working out to the point of being beneficial — not harmful. Some people dedicate their entire lives to working out, but that’s not going to be healthy for everyone. Long story short — no, I don’t believe aesthetics equate to health.


Q - What is some advice you can give to our readers about finding the right workout regimen for their bodies and sticking to it?

A - The biggest thing I tell my clients right now: find something that’s fun. Doesn’t matter what it is as long as you’re moving, it’s beneficial. It could be yoga, a spinning class, walking — as long as you’re up and mobile, it’s going to be beneficial to your long-term goal. Now there are certainly other exercises that you can do that are going to be more impactful towards your overall health, but as long as you’re doing something physical, it’s great. So experiment a lot; try a lot of different classes. Always try a personal trainer at the beginning so you know what you’re doing right or what you’re doing wrong. And once you find something that you like, find a partner that will do it with you.


Q - You’re obviously a health and workout enthusiast, and incredibly fit with about negative 15% body fat on you -- can you give us your thoughts on the #bodypositive movement? What are your thoughts when people aren’t necessarily what society calls “fit” but love the skin they’re in?

A - If people are confident in who they are -- more power to them. You don’t have to follow the trends, follow the masses. And if you’re happy with where you’re at and you’re always trying to better yourself in some way — it doesn’t have to be physical — then I’m all for it.


Q - We know a lot of the ladies found you on The Bachelorette, can you tell us a little bit about what that experience was like?

A - It was life changing in many ways. I met a lot of cool people — made lifelong friends from it. It definitely changed things in my life. I mean, right now as I’m standing here at the airport, someone’s trying to take a picture of me with their camera phone. I’m more aware of what I say and do and what I’m like at all times. It was weird though. You’re in a room of 30 other dudes staring at the same girl wondering — what can I do to be different to win this girl’s affection? But you’re also best friends with all the guys. It’s very odd. But I went through the whole process very confidently, because she and I had an amazing connection from the very beginning. She and I hit “best friend” level from day one. I was actually so confident throughout that she and I had such a great connection that I kind of forgot that the other guys were even competing; until it came down to the very end, when you remember that this girl may actually have feelings for someone else, and I don’t know if I can get married. So that’s when things started to get really difficult and confusing. But for the most part it was mostly just fun, getting to know this girl, going to all these cool places, and hanging out.


Q - What are some of the main qualities you look for in a woman?

A - Confidence is probably the number one — confidence but not arrogance. Intelligence and motivation. Someone who is motivated to find her own path no matter what that is. As long as she’s doing something she truly enjoys — she’s giving all her efforts towards it, I’m all for it. It could be working fast food or it could be running a Fortune 500 company, I’m cool either way. Hopefully she’s fit, likes to work out, and funny. I love girls with a sense of humor.


Q - Can you describe what a perfect date would be like for you?

A - I’m a talker. I love to talk and talk and talk. Honestly I’ve never thought too much about where or when. Just sitting at a good dinner somewhere fun and just chatting 5-6 hours straight.


Q - What’s a red flag for you on a first date?

A - If she’s rude to the waitstaff. That’s a very bad sign. And if she doesn’t offer to pay for half of the first check. Not saying that she’s actually going to pay for the check, but if you just feel like you’re owed that, it rubs me the wrong way.


Q - Sweetest thing someone’s ever done for you?

A - I’m a huge fan of country music and Jason Aldean specifically and she surprised me on my birthday with two tickets. Like basically front row to a Jason Aldean concert at Wrigley Field.


Q - Can you send a message for our ladies and gents who are looking for love in all the wrong places?

A - Don’t change who you are to win someone’s affection or attention. That’s one thing I definitely see people do too much. People try to impress the person they want by being someone else, but it’s not sustainable and in the long run one of you isn’t going to be happy about it. Just be yourself and if you’re secure in being alone long enough -- the right person will come along.


Q - Who are the 5 people (dead or alive) that you’d invite to your dinner party?

A -

  1. Ellen

  2. The Obama’s

  3. Oprah

  4. My Opa (he passed when I was little)

  5. My mentor Jim Sanger (Very successful business man and still the most generous, thoughtful man I know).


This concludes our special Week of Love Boyfriend Material: Hearthrob Edition. But as you can tell from his interview, Peter is not just hot. He’s pretty damn cool, and he has a heart of gold. So go ahead and slide into his DMs — and be sure to tell him, we sent you. ;)