Rhianne Paz Bergado: Meet the Filmmaker Defying Stereotypes

The first time I heard the name Rhianne Bergado, I was three weeks into a new gig. We were gearing up for an event — checking over a list of who was who on the invite list. Then the question turned internal, who on the staff would be required to attend.

“We have to invite Rhi, of course.” 

Who was Rhi? That answer, I would soon find, was far more complex than the question. There are some people in life, that no matter where they go or what they do, all eyes end up on them. Rhianne Bergado is one such human. I met Rhi for the first time at a Malibu estate overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Immediately, I was struck by the warmth of who she is.

Small in stature, but large in presence —

Rhianne could command rooms, sets, hearts. 

It’s been a few years since that day and I am honored to interview my dear friend who is a talented filmmaker, DJ, and all-around cool human. In this video interview, Rhi addresses the model minority stereotype of the Asian American community, what it’s like being a queer, female director in a male-dominated field, and what rad new projects she has up her sleeves. 

If you want to see more of Rhi, check out her website: www.paztastic.com or hang out with her on instagram @donotfeedthedj.