Saged App: An Unapologetic Guide to Grounded and Intuitive Living

The dawn of the “living your best life” mentality has allowed this generation to unapologetically follow their happiness and make space for their spiritual well being.

With the external noise that comes along in your day to day and the fast paced environment we live in, I urge you all to take a moment to pause and be with yourself internally. I connected with Saged App Founder, Julia Munck on the importance of intuitive living and staying grounded to your intentions.

“Saged is your resource center for Earth-based teachings and practices. 
We have collected the best hands-on, bite-sized advice to help you 
incorporate spirituality, self-care and mindfulness in your busy life.”

What is Saged?

Saged is a mobile app connecting us back to nature’s rhythm so that we can live a more grounded and intuitive life. The app has a daily flow of curated, hands-on rituals, wisdom and practical tools to help you integrate practical spirituality and manifest the life you want! Best yet, the information is bite sized and practical so you can minimize screen time, no more time sucks.

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Why Saged? 

This has been a passion project that has been begging to be born for the past 3 years. As I found myself with some free time last summer, I decided to take the leap and go for it! More than anything I was creating it for ME, I have been dying for a source of reliable information on all things spirituality, an app that covers all modalities, surfaces multiple teachers and has community support AND that goes beyond the Meditation realm. As a working mom, I don’t have time to read the books, or listen to the podcasts, or trying to find the right IG accounts to follow or do web research. Enter Saged, the best practical content in short form, problem solved!  

I look at Saged as a companion app for the woke person! SO you meditate? Great! Then what do you do the other 23.5h in the day to stay grounded? Saged offers the wisdom for that!

You can download Saged here:

Saged features many different teachers and wisdom holders. I believe that the age of the singular guru is fading and I want a diverse, multitude of voices to be featured on Saged! We are always looking for great contributors, so please get in touch if you are interested! 

How do you stay grounded?

During this time of planetary and evolutionary change, we need a trusted resource offering tools to support us in living a more empowered, grounded and joyful life. Saged is here to offer the deep wisdom!! I need Saged to remind myself that there is so much more to life than the rat race! 

How do you use Saged?

If you are curious about topics like: how to work with the moon phases, which crystals are good for what, how to call in spirit guides, how to make a solstice ritual, brew an herbal tea for spring, a meditation for grounding, a love mantra, how to work with essential oils. We have GOT you! You can also ask away in our community boards, all the questions you may not be comfortable asking on FB and Instagram. In Saged, you can ask anything without judgement!

Saged is free to use, there is a ton of content totally free. But we also have a Premium subscription tier that unlocks the entire library of content. We have a One for One program, if you are strapped for Cash, then you can apply for free membership, We give these out every month. 

So many new teachers and so much new content coming in every day, so excited to be on the Saged journey!

Who are you?

Saged is still my passion hobby but my current day-job is in games! I’ve been a Product leader in the gaming industry for 20 years. Currently working on a Virtual Reality project, very fun! So creating an app was sort of in my wheelhouse, but I’m loving all the twists and turns in the creation process as a hobby-solo-preneur. Lots to learn everyday! Now that Saged is on both iOS and Android, I’m looking at massive GROWTH! Any marketing wizards out there, ping me if you have ideas on how to scale Saged to the stratosphere on a shoestring budget!

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