Wellness Disruptor Dosist Takes the Revolution to Brick & Mortar

Photo courtesy of    Dosist

Photo courtesy of Dosist

Resident industry disruptor, Dosist, is ready to bring the wellness revolution to brick & mortar. On April 10, 2019 — the company opened its first flagship location on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, in Venice, California. Living up to its reputation from Fast Company as one of 2018’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in the Health Sector, the Dosist Wellness Experience is a commitment to empower people to manage their health and happiness through natural alternatives. Pioneering the way in the cannabis industry, it stands to not only serve as a landmark in Venice, but as a point of remembrance for a turning point in our nation’s history as it continues its evolution towards a progressive and open-minded approach to a once-frowned-upon substance.

In case this is the first time you’re hearing of Dosist, what sets them apart from their competitors and from traditional methods of cannabis use, is the perfected science behind the technology in their pens. Their product and science teams have worked cross-functionally to ascertain the exact balance of cannabis-derived compounds, ensuring that healing is at the forefront of their mission. In doing so, they can control and avert the sometimes overwhelming psychoactive effects generally associated with cannabis consumption. In other words, health and happiness are preeminent, not the high. A few of our ladies here at SheDidThat are fans of Dosist and are earnest users of their products, so we speak from experience when we say they are not only effective in delivering the outcomes they advertise, but they safely abate the less-than-desirable side effects that other methods of consumption simply cannot regulate.


“Our Dosist wellness experience on Abbot Kinney is a remarkably powerful moment for our brand as

we further demonstrate our dedication to educate consumers from around the world and transform

how they think about cannabis and healthcare,” says Gunner Winston, CEO of Dosist.

Photo courtesy of    Dosist

Photo courtesy of Dosist

The design of its Abbot Kinney space draws inspiration from its iconic product line. Upon entering the space, guests are greeted by a guide who leads them through a bright tunnel surrounded by lush greenery and foliage. On the other side, they will find themselves in a calming, bright environment of white-washed maple and soothing limestone. Here, guests will be able to access Dosist’s 6 targeted formulations of the ingredients in cannabis without the overwhelming effects of THC — choosing between which ailment they’d like to conquer: bliss, sleep, calm, relief, passion, and arouse. These formulations are administered through the dose pen, which delivers a precise dose of 2.25mg per use; guaranteeing a safe and consistent experience every time.


Winston continues, “Dosist is and always has been about helping people

through dose-controlled cannabis,

and we couldn’t be more thrilled to bring this mission to life on Abbot Kinney.”

Photo courtesy of    Dosist

Photo courtesy of Dosist

The Dosist wellness experience is located at

1423 Abbot Kinney Boulevard

and is now open daily,

from 10am-9pm Monday to Saturday,

11am-7pm on Sundays.